10 Best Android Fitness Apps to Get You in Shape

Keeping yourself healthy and fit is the prime focus of every individual. In today’s technology age, we face many stresses in our life. To avoid such stress in life, fitness plan and program is must. Are you bore of visiting a gym early morning? Do not worry when you have an android phone. Now, you can download the health app on your phone and get the maximum use of it at your home.
These apps are friendly and give you exact information as that of a gym. There is no such difference and it carries everything automatically. You should utilize the benefit of the fitness app and make sure you can shed excess fat. Obesity is a common problem these days. The main reason is the eating habits and bad lifestyle. Hence, you need to check the obesity problem before hand and control it effectively.
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Nowadays, doctors also prefer to give you advice on exercises. They recommend you to practice daily exercise routine for a healthy body and mind. People suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and other related diseases can surely move on for exercises. It will help you get a fit body and at the age of 75 you can still remain active. To maintain a healthy body, you should encourage your own self and get a genuine healthy mentality. Are you ready to follow strict health regime? Then, go for Android app to get a healthy body. Trust me, it will not disappoint you.
Following are the lists of different health apps:

  1. Couch to 5K- The app comes with 9-week plan for running. Beginners can use this app for a better result. Walking, warm-up, cool down and jogging sum up for 40 mins maximum. It motivates you and gives you courage to reduce weight. In-built music player help you play the favorite playlist and enjoy exercises.
  2. Pocket Yoga- If you have fetish for yoga exercises, then you must use this app. You will get instruction and proper image to follow the yoga pose. You must use this app at any time and reduce the excess fat.
  3. GymPact- If you are dedicated, then you must perform regular workouts and you will get payment for that. If you skip the workouts, then you have to pay for it.
  4. RunKeeper- This keeps workout track like how much calorie burned, distance, pace and time. It also gives fitness plans in a detailed form to achieve the fitness goal.
  5. Fooducate- In this app, you will get details of food. All the nutritional values are also added and give you detailed report of the diet. You should follow this app to control your diet and know how much you have to eat per day.
  6. Fit Radio- Exercise without music does not charge up. Therefore, this app gives you list of motivated music service. Listening to these songs you can easily charge up for a perfect workout.
  7. Push Ups Pro- Insert your age and status of body to get customized plan for you. Six exercise levels are included for you to get a perfect body.
  8. MyFitnessPal- You will get food database and you can socially connect with friends easily.
  9. Workout Trainer- You can get personalize message to improve he experience. You can get community of online support and the music player is already in-built. It is very helpful app that gives you complete support in your fitness goal.
  10. Fitocracy- You can earn points while you are on the fitness regime. You can also level up your fitness goal. It will help you in a great manner.
  11. MapMy Walk- This app simply keeps all the records of the fitness plan. You will get maximum advantage from this app and fulfill your desired requirement.
  12. Breathe2Relax- you can improve he personal mood through this app. The tool for stress management will give you maximum support and help you in all possible manners.
  13. Juice- This is energy related app that will give you confidence for positive change. The app gives you opportunity to set the reminder to improve he consistency.

All the above apps are really helpful for you to capture the fitness goal. Any disease in your life can cause serious problem in the future life. Therefore, it is your duty to control the disease or pain in your life before any emergency. I will give you more confidence to face the world and surely get a big change in your life. If you are ready to think a good life for you, then you must think to download the app and get the benefits. All he apps are tested and run well on your Android phone. So, it is the time that you should think for your future health and live a health life.

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