Benefits of using Pinterest for Small businesses

 Advantage of internet marketing -Pinterest  is the fastest expanding social network without any doubts. Now with existing and increasing audience, Pinterest  is rolling out the new features for businesses, and this allows all small and large businesses. The site will provide all new opportunities for increasing brand awareness, and seem like all social websites it offers all the possibilities for updating all your content live.
So without wasting any more time go ahead and create a Pinterest  business account. Once you are live on Pinterest  then doing the following four tips which will help your business.
Pinterest for Small businesses
1. Utilize Pinterest’s Goodies
Pinterest  has overcome by its one of the most unique feature where you can utilize different aspects of the site with the Goodies section.
  • Add the “Pin It” bookmark to your browser to make pinning easy.
Add the widget of “pin it or follow” to your site or blog.
  • “Pin it” buttons makes easier for the users to pin the content from your website without the Pinterest  bookmark.
  • The “Follow” button will work in the same direction as it works with Twitter and Facebook.
  • Widgets to show your interest profile boards and pins!
2. Make effective strategy
Anything you share on social media platform, have must some value according to your situation. When you are creating a strategy for Pinterest , keep in mind that that you want to target, what your target audience see and how can you present yourself while showcasing your company as well.
Once you have a strategy, create boards that are formatted to play well with your business model.  Here are a few ideas to start off with.
  • Services – which you seem to provide, elaborate it a little bit
  • Sales and attention – on board update the following products which you want to boost. Make sure of price or availability of products because it changes anytime.
  • Office boards – adding boards will give a unique impact on our company and these should feature employees' choice.
  • Regular boards - Can your company and its products and/or services be applied to different seasons? For example, if you’re a hardware store consider aboard during the spring of what you can offer for homeowners.
  • Information Boards - If you’re hosting an event or if you appear in a publication, create a board to feature it!
It's great to show our skills and personality, but be careful don’t go overboard with self promotion. An overly pimped out page is a great way to get ignored. Don’t forget to focus on what your audience wants to see.
3. Engage & Share
Other key aspects of social media success are the interaction.  With the social media campaigns, you must engage your followers as well as respond and share the content of others.  However, be sure you’re engaging in content which are relevant to your brand.
You’re not promoting yourself; you’re promoting your brand and the field it is in. 
  • Follow relevant pinners - This allows you to make social connections and prepare yourself with an arsenal of material to repin.
  • Repin! – Pinning is a two-way street. If you want others to share content, and then show them that you’re willing to share as well.
  • Change your image captions – add the caption whenever you’re pinning from the original site or re-pinning someone else’s pin.
  • Search Pinterest – use the search bar, because Pinterest  is a big thing.  Find other pinners or posts that are relevant to your brand to improve your boards.
4. Promote Your Products/Services
Aside from simply highlighting your products and/or services, try combining it with a strategy to promote your brand.
Here are a few ideas:
  • Create Contests – “Pin It to Win It” type contests increase the chance of your products/services going viral.  If your promotion is attractive enough, users will share it.
  • Adaptation Boards – Consider how unique your product is. Can it be used to do other things? Create a board that shows your product/service in action.  By seeing an end result, you’ll automatically be promoting your company.
  • Shared Boards/Cross Promotion – Pinterest has the option to share your boards with other users.  Consider teaming up with another company for a bit of cross promotion!  If you want users to get involved, ask them to create similar boards and use a promotional hashtag in the description.
5. Measure
With Pinterest, tracking pins from your site is simple. All you have to do is add your business’s URL to the end of this:
Another option is to use a 3rd party solution, such as or  These programs help you schedule and track your repins, clicks, and the overall reach of your posts.  It even has the option to find influential users you might want to follow.
Examples of two metrics you should be looking for:
80% of posts of interest are repins. Are yours being shared?
This is how you will gain the most visibility.  Know which of your pins are successful and how often they are being repinned, thus increasing the visibility of your brand.
Likes & Comments
Just like Facebook and Twitter, engagement counts for a lot in Pinterest. Track these aspects to know what your audience is responding to and what it’s ignored.  This will help when creating future pins.
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