Being A VISP or virtual isp

Being A VISP or virtual isp
If you’ve ever heard the word VISP or virtual isp before there is a good chance you didn’t understand what the other party was talking about, and if you see it on the web the chances of understanding what it refers to are slim unless you have a good, working understanding of many things in internet and technology. VISP stands for Virtual Internet Service Provider and of course refers to a particular type of ISP – the type that takes the services of another and markets it on as their own.
When it comes to dial up internet the likelihood that you would be able to market the internet connection you offer is not great, as there is not an awful lot of profit to be had in providing dial up internet and the market sector for it is not particularly large, however you could provide a connection to a small group of friends and or family and perform quite successfully.
In many cases this is a fairly easy process, of course some dial up providers make it easier than others. This is a fairly common choice for those who are concerned about their internet security, a number of dial up internet providers do not request your personal information and it is harder for other’s to access your system due to the slower internet speeds and the fact that a new IP address is generated for you each time you log in to the dial up connection. This means those who are worried about the security of their computers, files or personal information will probably respond favourably and as a VISP you usually don’t need to register another account to grant access to others.
It does get better for those who are looking to become an ISP – if you’re looking to make a business from it starting off with dial up internet might give you a good stepping stone to take off from, it won’t cost you anything to register the dial up connection nor distribute it to others and in many cases you can get assistance from the source – this often involves them helping out when your customers encounter technical difficulty and they are often able to do this on your behalf – so they will use your company name.
Of course you will be able to move on to providing faster internet connections of different types further along the line so long as you know what you’re doing, but none is so easy to provide as dial up, nor so cost effective.
However, if you are going to start providing an internet connection ensure you select a good company to work with, you will be effectively distributing their internet connection to others using yourself as a middleman, so you should be sure that the connection speed they provide is the best possible, you will be providing it to others after all. If you select a company that offer information specifically for those looking to set up VISP, such as login or email information for this particular type of service then they are more likely to attempt to support you in your endeavours. This might be something you choose to look out for when selecting an ISP to work with.
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Kate is an internet enthusiast. She has a particular interest is dial up internet and its history. She often writes about the advantages and disadvantages of dial up internet.

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