Bar Stools Designs & Options

Contemporary bar stools’ styles and designs have changed. There are a variety of bar stool designs to choose from, including: stools with and without arms, low and high-backed, padded and unpadded, and even a combination of these. Padded bar stools are popular as these are more comfortable compared to wooden or chrome bar stools that tend to get uncomfortable during the long-run, and most people also prefer stools with arm rests. Depending on your home environment, there are a number of stool options to choose from. But do consider that stools with back rests give off a traditional look, while modern and contemporary stools are designed without it.
Bar Stools

Currently, most homeowners prefer contemporary style bar stools –  the reason why furniture manufacturers continuously strive to design new and unique styles of furniture pieces for home use. While the bar stools’ designs may vary immensely, there are various themes in contemporary bar stools’ designs that emphasize imaginative beauty and attractive seat designs.

A characteristic of all contemporary furniture, including bar stools, is it gives of an air of confidence. Since bar stools is quite a common fixture and has a simple base concept, modern furniture designers like to push the limits in terms of design; hence, exquisitely designed bar stools that can pass off as art pieces are currently available.
Most contemporary bar stools’ designs are often focused on its legs. Emphasis is made on very thin legs with unique base shapes. Most bar stools’ legs are made from aluminium, chrome or a stainless steel tube bending. Steel bending is made in such a way that the legs provide a sturdy base for the rest of the stool.
Another contemporary bar stool design typically includes back rests and side bars. These bars extend below the bar stool seat and curve in at an angle to latch itself on to a foot rail below. It is a great way to have a stylish and stunning design without compromising form and function. And while there are a lot of bar stools readily available in the market, homeowners can also opt to have ones custom-made – bar stools that complement the look and feel of their home, such as a blend of retro and modern designs. Modern metal alloys and metal curving will make any design possible in order to provide a functional and stylish piece of furniture. Some bar stools’ height can even be adjusted by making use of a gas lift mechanism.
Aside from the bar stool’s legs, another important matter in its design is the seat. Today, one of the most important things to consider in designing furniture seating is ergonomics – the science of comfort and plays a major role in furniture design.
At the end of the day, perhaps the most difficult aspect in choosing a bar stool is how to narrow down your options with all the choices currently available. The wide variety of gorgeous and unique bar stools just keep on growing, so selecting the right stool for your home and needs can be quite difficult. But always remember to keep focused on your needs and the overall look you want for your home in choosing your ideal bar stool.

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