Apple iPhone 7 big Rumors,best features

///Apple iPhone 7 big Rumors,best features

Apple iPhone 7 big Rumors,best features

Best Apple iPhone 7  rumours?

when is the iphone 7 coming out 

Apple iPhone 7 Plus is rumored to arrive alongside the (4.7-inch) iPhone 7 later this year, and there’s even a chance or MINI rumor  that a new 4in iPhone will be launched too, which may be called by Tim Cook’s Apple as  iPhone 7 Mini .

New iphone 7 release date 

Apple iPhone 7 Plus may arrive in September 2016  Tuesday or Wednesday in early to mid-September, so be FREE to book your Apple iPhone 7 Plus with  iPhone 7 Mini if needed

iPhone Model name
iPhone Release date
June 2007
iPhone 3G
June 2008
iPhone 3G S
June 2009
iPhone 4
June 2010
iPhone 4S
October 2011
iPhone 5
September 2012
iPhone 5S and 5C
September 2013
iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
September 2014
iPhone 6S September 2015
iPhone 7 September 2016 (expected)


Expected Apple iPhone 7 secret features

Tough Sapphire Glass – According to the new rumors, the new iPhone 7 may feature Sapphire glass instead of Corning’s Gorilla glass that is being used in current iPhone. Sapphire glass is pretty much tough glass compare which is not easily breakable and the company is already using it in iWatch to Corning’s Gorilla glass .
Button-less design – The company may ditch its traditional design and come up with all new button-less design for its new iPhone 7. The home button which is being used in current iPhone can be eliminated completely to provide bigger space on the screen.
Wireless Charging – Apple  may bring wireless charging facility in iPhone 7  which Samsung is already offering wireless charging facility to the customer and is appreciated worldwide by Samsung Galaxy S6 edge users  .
Enhanced iSight Camera – To enhance the picture quality, Apple might use 8 megapixel secondary  iSight camera which will help you take bright and clear picture through its anticipated 13 megapixel primary camera.
Water and dust proof protection– To give maximum protection to such premium device, the Water as well as dust proof. According to the rumors, California based techie planing to make iPhone 7  waterproofed to iP67 standard which is meant for making devices water and dust proof. As per IP67 the device wouldn’t get damaged if it submerged under 1 meter water for 30 mins.
OLED display – The latest rumors suggest that the iPhone 7 may feature OLED display instead of LCD which is currently being used. OLED screen generates its own light to illuminate however LCD screen requires back light to glow.

Expected iphone 7 apple specifications

New iPhone 7 Price may be same as iPhone 6s

It’s unlikely that Apple’s new iPhone 7 will be cheaper  compare to  on the wallet than past variants.
Mostly  the new iPhone 7 will start at £539 for a 16GB model, same as or closer to iPhone 6s – which will see an incremental drop in price.
If true, we could expect other models with larger storage – 64GB and 128GB most likely – to stick with the £619 and £699 prices.


New iPhone 7 more exciting colours

new iphone release
The New iPhone 7 will likely come in different exciting colours – including a gold version


Recent , a video by Unbox Therapy  has been uploaded to YouTube claiming to show the flagship iPhone 7’s transparent case  , showing a large cut out for the rear camera.

Chinese website with photo claiming to be of the iPhone 7 Plus , indicates that the smartphone will feature a dual-lens camera.
iPhone 7 Plus , indicates that the smartphone will feature a dual-lens camera

Completely Waterproof iPhone

iphone waterproof case
The New iPhone 7 will likely be Constructed using liquidmetal to be completely waterproof

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