Android jelly bean 4.3 A is sweeter

New Android jelly bean 4.3


Android is the other name of Smartphones. With the changes in version4.2.2 android has launched Android jelly bean V 4.3 which is more sweet.  4.3 include performance optimizations and great new features for users and developers. Android 4.3 is faster, smoother and responsive. Android 4.3 is now available on Nexus phones and tablets, and new Sony Xperia phone. The company is attempting to update other phones directly from version 4.1 to v 4.3.
Android jelly bean 4.3 new restricted profiles feature can be used to limit access to apps and content, at home with your family and at work. Android is ready with a new whole lass of mobile apps with support of Bluetooth smart accessories.

Android jelly bean 4.3

Android jelly bean 4.3 is simple, beautiful and beyond smart. It is like one tablet and many users. It supports multiple users .  With each person using the same tablet you can give their own space to work. Everyone can have their own home screen , background, apps and games. Just like the PC with many accounts. Android is multitasking to its core , it’s a snap to switches gives the users no need to log in and log out. Profile and users are only available in tablet and not for the phone. For all the Android users I Suggest to root your android device that will boost your phone speed and more battery life and many other advantages. This document  provides a glimpse of what is new in version 4.3.  Below I have listed the main features:.

  1. Smart Bluetooth Ready

Smart Bluetooth is generally found in the machines like fitness sensors, heart rate or glucose monitors, pedometers, thermometers, and many more. This feature is now also added in the new phone of Google Nexus 4.

  1. Fast and smooth

The new Android is smooth as the flow of liquid. With new  graphics and silky transitions moving from home to the app and  versa become more faster and effortless. The browser app on the phone and tablets runs fast as browsers like chrome, Firefox, UC browser for PC in more reactive and uniform manner.

  1. Built in security protection

Android always works to keep your data safe. In the new 4.3 new security issues has been solved that were seen in older version. In this version every app runs its own sandbox to keep it isolated from other apps. The android can easily scan for virus.

  1. Project tablet or phone to the large screen

With a projection on large screen you can now stream videos from YouTube and many sites download it and watch the big score. You can download movies also and can enjoy with your friends and family.

  1. Expandable and active notification

Android has always controlled on the notification and updates you can stay connected with. Here in this OS just swipe down from the top of scree to see all the notification. You can get all the alerts like whether you missed a meeting or an important call. Directly take the action from the notification bar instead of moving into the phone and finding out.

  1. Widgets work faster

Jelly bean gives its users to customize the home screen as they want. You can place the widgets on the screen and other remaining things will automatically move to make their own space similar to iOS7. If they are so big than widget will automatically resize itself. You can now interact with your favorite apps more easily and personalize your home screen even.

  1. Beam photos and videos

Wit android beam you can share your images and videos with a single tap on social media and websites and many apps. You can also share by touching the two NFAC enabled phone and then tapping the phone you want to share with.

  1. Accessibility

With this feature you can enable the zooming faster and smoothly to get the entire look very close. One more feature is for the blind user. Blind users can use Gesture Mode to reliably navigate the UI using touch and swipe gestures in combination with speech output.

  1. Photo sphere camera

This new feature you might have never seen. With new android you can snap up, down and all around you together in a single scene. View your photo spheres right on your phone, share them on social networking sites and google map so that the whole world sees your photos..

  1. Smart keyboard with gesture Typing

Message typing go easier with gesture typing. Just take your finger to the letter you want to type and you will find the list of words. You don’t have to worry about the space even. They are done automatically.
Latest Android has revealed new version Android 4.4 KitKat but still every phone does not support this latest version. So till then have and stay up to datefun with Android 4.3 jelly bean.

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