How to Detect Air Leaks in an Air conditioning and refrigeration System

How to Detect Air Leaks in an Air conditioning and refrigeration System

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Air conditioning Blowing warm air: With the humidity and heat approaching fast in the summer months, many homeowners begin to think about their AC units and having them inspected and serviced. For the families who have recently had a new unit installed, they do not need to make a service call. However, most of the families do not own a new AC unit. One thing in particular a HVAC professional will check for is Freon leaks. Below are some ways they will do just that.

Air conditioning and refrigerationElectronic Leak Detector

The most common way for the HVAC technician to check for leaks is with an electronic leak detector, because it is quick and easy to use and will find the majority of leaks in your AC unit. This type of detector will get you close to any leak in your system. Once the search field has been narrowed down, they can typically increase the electronic leak detector’s sensitivity level to find even smaller leaks. If you are using this detector yourself to find your own leaks, it is important that you follow all instructions provided.

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Ultraviolet Dye Leak Detector
Another popular choice is the Ultraviolet Dye leak detector which uses ultraviolet dye in your Freon line or water of your AC system. With this, if you have a leak in your air conditioning and refrigeration system, the dye should come out with the water, air or Freon. Once the dye is put into the unit, an ultraviolet flashlight or lamp is used to detect exactly where the dye is getting out. This is a more complex type of leak detection since it involves the dye and many tools, as well as it can be very messy. The dye typically gets all over the hands, the AC system, and any area surrounding the leak. It is a pretty reliable way of leak detecting, however.
Ultrasonic Leak Detectors
This type of leak detector is a newer one, and can be a bit costly. It works by detecting sound waves. It literally listens for Freon or air escaping through the lines of your AC unit and this is how it detects the leak. For this to work efficiently, the unit needs to be pressurized heavily initially before you use it and it needs to be quiet when you are working. In some cases, many homes do not have the proper conditions for this type of leak detection to work the right way.
Professional HVAC technicians will assist you with the detection, testing, and repairing of leaks in the AC unit. They are trained to repair refrigerant leaks for evaporator coils, cooling coils, valves, copper tubing, access ports, and more. As soon as the size and place of the leak is determined, they will provide you with a choice that is the most economical, to help you save money.  You really do not want to let Freon leaks go as it can be hazardous to your health and the environment and increase your energy bills two-fold.
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