Be Cost Effective with Your Air Conditioner-Beat The Heat with a Cool AC Budgeting Plan

Saving money on energy bills is one of the first things people think about as a homeowner. Homeowners in hot climates can potentially spend a huge amount of money during the summer months on cooling the inside of the house due to high temperatures and humidity outside. have a lot to do with Increased demand means that electricity rates soar higher because the electric company must install more equipment to meet the needs of customers and the power companies raise rates and pass that charge on to consumers.
Global warming will continue to be a determining factor in prolonged bouts of summer heat waves. Consumers will have to learn how to become more energy efficient at home or pay the consequences in higher monthly electrical bills. Becoming energy efficient solves three major problems:
It reduces the carbon footprint left on the environment.
Electrical rates climb slower due to less demand on the grid.
Homeowners pay less in utility bills.
Air Conditioner
Many options are available to reduce utility costs and save more money. Budget savvy homeowners are always on the hunt for more ways to keep those hard-earned dollars in their pockets.
What Size Room Air Conditioner To Install?
Many consumers make the mistake of purchasing the wrong size room air-conditioner. They are sized according to BTU (British Thermal Unit) rating. This means that the unit is rated according to the square footage of the room to be cooled. The following list will help homeowners select the properly sized unit for maximum cooling efficiency and savings:
· 100 - 150 square feet = 5,000 BTU
· 150 - 250 square feet = 7,000 BTU
· 250 - 350 square feet = 9,000 BTU
· 350 - 450 square feet = 10,500 BTU
· 450 - 700 square feet = 11,500 BTU
· 800 square feet = 17,000 BTU
· 1,000 square feet = 21,000 BTU
Never select an air-conditioner to cool a room with the intention of trying to cool more space. The unit will cost more money and it will reduce the operating efficiency. A reputable company that specializes in air conditioning services can supply all the information and products needed.
Would A Central Air Conditioning Unit Work Best?
Purchasing a central air-conditioning unit is a costly decision to make for a homeowner who lives in an older home with little insulation. Country farm homes are known for having low amounts of insulation inside walls and ceilings. Homeowners should check their home thoroughly to determine if it would be worth the costs to install a unit. Additional expenditures might have to be made including purchasing insulation, duct work and electrical re-wiring.
For these older homes, a few carefully placed room air-conditioners can do the same job basically and same a lot of money. Again, a professional dealer who sells home heating and cooling appliances can give the best advice of what the best option is concerning an older home.
For modern homes, a central unit that has been used over ten years should be replaced with a new energy efficient model. The past few years have seen significant increases in technology of home appliances over models a decade old. Regular maintenance on central units is important. The filter should be changed at least every month during operating season. Have the unit serviced if it stops working or loses the ability to cool.
How To Help The Air Conditioner
These are money saving methods that will keep utility cost down and be friendly to the air conditioner as well. Install a thermostat that can be reprogrammed to remain off while everyone is away from home. It makes no sense to cool an empty home or building. Set the thermostat at a temperature and time frame that will cool the home an hour before everyone returns home from work or school.
Plant trees and bushes in areas around the home that will help block the sun’s intense heat away from the roof of the structure. Never allow bushes to grow next to the unit where they can block efficiency of removing hot air from inside the home.
Keep the evaporator coils clean from debris and grass clippings. Avoid bending the fins of the unit whenever cleaning away debris from the unit. Keep that filter changed each month even if it shows little accumulation.
Install ceiling fans in every room of the home to help keep the cost of operating the air conditioning down. During night hours, the temperatures might be cool enough to use only ceiling fans to remain comfortable.
Avoid extended periods of cooking in the kitchen during extreme hot conditions. This is the worse thing that people do to hurt air-conditioning effectiveness. It requires the unit to work harder and longer trying to cool the home. It places more stress on the unit, which can cause it to break down from work overload. For any type of air-conditioning installation and parts replacement, always call on a reputable dealer as the solution to those cooling needs.

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