5 Compelling Advantages of Outsourcing your Java Development Project

Java is one of the most popular languages for building web apps and other software, and it has been around for a while now. The fact that Java is an ‘old’ language ensures that there are hundreds of thousands of developers who know how to use it to achieve specific goals. Colleges in countries like India have been teaching Java since years, and there are expert Java developers who can deliver quality work at affordable rates.
Advantages of Outsourcing

An experienced Java developer or Java architect in US may demand anything from $60 to 120$ per hour, the rate fluctuating according to the experience and other skills that the individual has. The rates are equally high in UK and Europe. The rates in offshore locations are a significantly lower.

So, as a business, what do you do when you need the services of a Java developer, but are not willing to pay so much money? The best option in front of you is offshore development. By outsourcing your project, you can get the same services at lot lower rates. Java and C++ are common computer languages, and they are popular among developers across the world.
Are you wondering whether you should outsource your Java development project? Here are five 5 Compelling Advantages of Outsourcing your Java Development Project that will tilt your decision in the favor of outsourcing.
1. Reduced Cost of Development
The biggest benefit of outsourcing your project is cost saving. Outsourcing your Java application development can help you bring down the cost of development by 40%-65%, compared to in-house development. This is the first and foremost reason for the popularity of outsourcing – the cost savings are so substantial that not offshoring your work would be a bad idea from the financial point of view.
2. Timing Advantage
If your company is in the US, the UK or Europe and you outsource your project to India or other Asian country, you can benefit from the difference in the time zones. You can assign tasks to your dedicated developers at the end of your work day, and the tasks are finished when you get back to work. In case you need to work in tandem with your developers in offshore locations, most of the outsourcing companies are flexible enough to provide you the 24*7 technical support.
3. Cutting-Edge Infrastructure & Quality Development
The best offshore development companies are keenly focused on certain core competencies. So, if you are in touch with an outsourcing company that has great internal team for Java, then you can expect quality work. Such companies also set up cutting-edge infrastructure and training facilities to improve their productivity and profit. Needless to say, this translates into better services for you, the client.
4. Choice of Companies
There are lots of outsourcing companies, and you have many to choose from. From one perspective, it’s a tedious task shortlisting one company, but on the other end you are have many companies to choose from. By choosing from a few reputed named in the industry, you can make sure that you get the right partner for your needs.
5. Choice of Developers
In addition to choosing the company, you can also interview the candidates for your project and select only the ones that meet you standards. It is possible for you to build a team of Java developers who work exclusively on your project. When you want to extend your Java development team, hiring developers in offshore locations makes a lot of sense.
Final Words
Of course, I have just outlined the benefits. Things have been known to go wrong with offshoring – companies not delivering the finished software on time, programmers unable to create an application according to specifications, freelancers leaving the project midway, security and confidentiality compromised, and hidden costs driving up the cost of development, to name a few.
However, all these risks factors can easily be neutralized by choosing the right offshore Java development company. If you hire Java developers from a reputed company with a track record of delivering on its promises, you will have nothing to worry about. Choose a company that has a reputation of being good at Java development, and you will be able to get all the benefits of offshore development without succumbing to any of its dangers. The safest option would be a Java development company with ISO: 2008 and other corporate certifications.

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