The Absent Minded Professor Takes a Breather

The Absent Minded Professor Takes a Breather

There is a little bit of that professor in all of us. Granted, some of us are more distracted than others or have trouble in the morning finding our car keys, our house keys or even our briefcase or purse. Even though the moniker of the absent-minded professor makes for a great tagline, it truly does apply in varying degrees to all of us. These days, with the proliferation of new mobile communication devices, the risk of having one of them becoming lost, misplaced, or in the worst case, stolen, has become a real cause for concern.
A professional network evaluation can make any company more efficient

Absent Minded Professor

The Android Who Saved Us
While there many people who appear to have a deep emotional bond to their iPhones, there are others who are devoted to their tablets or smartphones which operate on the Android operating system, which was created by Google. It is so popular in fact, that this operating system commands almost 75% of the world market, with devices being supplied by global manufacturers such as Samsung and LG. Some pretty simple maths reveals that the more popular this operating system is, the greater the chance that the mobile devices that run on it are likely to become lost, misplaced etc. Surely, someone as technologically savvy as Google could figure out how to protect someone from any of these unfortunate circumstances.
Worry about It, and Thou Shalt Receive
You probably know someone who has lost or misplaced their mobile device. If so, you know their feeling of utter panic and terror which engulfs them, as they worry that someone else is taking advantage of all the contacts, using the device to do whatever they please. Most users know that there have been some basic security protocols in place to protect them. For one, any phone using the Android operating system can be locked. A user can choose to use their own PIN number, a password and on some of the latest Android operating systems, even facial recognition. But Google is about to up the ante and provide what amounts to perhaps the ultimate level of security.
Mate, Where Did I Leave My Phone?
Just-in-time for the mad rush known as summer holidays, Google is introducing a new application, known as Android Device Manager. What this innovative and handy application will do is provide a number of different options if you should have misplaced your tablet or smartphone:

  • Perhaps your device got lost between the sofa cushions. Android Device Manager will allow you to locate it by having the device ring at full volume, even if it was left in silent mode. If it is somewhere nearby, you’ll know.
  • Locate the device on a map. Sure enough, using either GPS or a triangulation system from cell phone towers, the device can be accurately located. It may very well be that you left it at the local theatre without realizing it. Now you can know for sure.
  • Remotely erase all the data on your device. If you suspect your device has fallen into the wrong hands, you can actually use Android Device Manager to remotely erase any information on your device. Yes, you’ll have to buy another one, but at least your information cannot be compromised.

Everyone Needs a Little Support
It is not only people that sometimes need assistance with all of their technology. Companies also face massive challenges tying their organization together into a sensible and efficient enterprise which can function at maximum efficiency. Every company that wishes to remain competitive in today’s world should have a network evaluation performed, so that any flaws in their current configuration can be identified and corrected immediately.
And if the managing director’s tablet should be lost, there’s always Android Device Manager.

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