8 Effective SEO Techniques Every WordPress Blogger Should Use

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a popular topic among many Internet marketers. There are many marketers who want to use this campaign for promoting their sites on the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and some other search engines. Most search engines keep updating their algorithm to display most relevant results for all readers. If you are a website owner, you should read this article. It has top SEO techniques WordPress Bloggers Use. By following these simple tips, you should able to promote your website to the first page of search engine.

Create a working sitemap

Effective SEO Techniques
This is most important thing that you have to do to be successful in your SEO campaign. Sitemap is very useful to help the search engines’ robots to crawl your site. There are several plugins that can help you create a sitemap file for your website. Google XML sitemap is a perfect plugin for all people who use WordPress platform. This plugin can create sitemap very quickly and easily. It can also notify Google and Bing about some changes on your website. It can improve the overall crawl rate for your website.

Easy to follow navigation setup
When you create a website, you have to make an easy to follow navigation setup. It means that your website should able to provide effective navigation links. Your readers should able to find their favorite pages on your site easily. This step is very useful to improve your users’ experience. Most search engines usually love all sites with clear navigation structures. They tend to display structured websites on the first page of their search results.

Use proper tags for your image
Image is an important thing that you should add to your website. This media file is very useful to improve your user’s experience. Many Internet marketers believe that image can reduce your bounce rate. Most search engines usually crawl these media files via tags. Therefore, you have to input the right and proper tags for your images. Do not forget to add title tags for all images that you add to your website. It is very important that you have a good image title that has correlation with your post.

Optimize your permalinks
This is another recommended tip for you who want to be successful in your SEO campaign. You can optimize your permalinks for getting some improvement on your ranking. You can simply change your permalinks by visiting the Settings area on your WordPress admin dashboard. You can select the postname option for displaying the title of your post on your URL. This URL structure is very preferable by most search engines from around the world, especially Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Internal Linking
If you want to be successful with your SEO campaign, you have to connect some of your pages with these internal links. Try to create some internal links to some other related articles within your website. This step is very useful to help most search engines crawl your overall site easily. Do not forget to create appropriate anchor text for your internal links. There is a great plugin that you can use easily. It is called as SEO Smart Links. It is a perfect tool that can create internal links automatically.

Reduce your site’s loading time
Loading time becomes an important thing that you have to consider when creating your website. Google tends to display quick loading site on its first page of search results. This search engine believes that high speed website tends to give better user’s experience than any other slow websites. You should choose reputable web hosting company that has high speed server. You can also install an effective caching plugin, such as W3 Total Cache.

Always use Valid XHTML Code Markup
It is very important to have proper codes for your website. This is related with the ability of most crawlers to check your website. Bad markup on your XHTML code may stop the crawling process immediately. As the result, your site cannot perform well on the search engine, such as Google. There is a great plugin called as W3C Validator. This plugin is very effective to tell you about your blog’s code. It can show you how you can correct your HTML code easily.

Use some effective WordPress SEO plugins
There are some plugins that can be used to improve your SEO campaign effectively. All in One SEO Pack is a great plugin that can help you improve your on page optimization process easily. When working with SEO campaign, you have to work by managing your post keywords, titles, descriptions, keywords and some other things. This plugin can help you optimize your posts easily and quickly.

Those are some effective tips for you who want to improve your SEO campaign. There are many benefits that you can get by improving your website’s ranking. Getting free traffic from search engine is the main benefit offered by this SEO campaign. You should learn how to create high quality content that can be displayed on the first page of search engine. By following some of these tips, your site should be able to reach the first page of the search results easily.

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