7 Modern Office Lighting Types You Must Consider

Your decision to contact fit out companies in Dubai places you in a better position of having your project handled professionally. That includes having the best and modern lighting.

The world of office interior décor is fast evolving, and that has primarily been made possible by the ever-changing technology and dynamics. Therefore, it is imperative to settle on the best among office fit-out/design companies. If you are keen on the specific points to look out for, you should not experience any challenges.

This is how you identify and subsequently contact fit out companies in Dubai. Start with being keen on their past projects. Doing that helps you have an idea of their capability of delivering expected quality, and if possible, beyond. It would be best if you worked with an experienced firm, and this quality means both training and duration in the industry.

You will also need to be keen on the quality of their customer service, and finally, you want to be assured that once you sign a contract with them, the project will be delivered in a timely fashion. Depending on the project, the following are some of the types of lighting you should know;

1. Natural lighting

Natural light may sound more of an example of the conventional types of lighting, but that largely depends on how it is harnessed or utilized. Today, the term "green" cannot be avoided in construction or refurbishing projects. If done right, natural lighting can breathe life into the office space and help you save on the power costs.

Making the most out of natural lighting demands a delicate balance between the architectural design of the building and the interior décor. That is where working with the best and experienced among office interior design companies in Dubai prove valuable.

2. Indirect lighting

The LED is among the greatest inventions. Despite the apparent benefit of being cost-effective compared to other forms of lighting, the LED lights come in almost any shape or size you can imagine. They also come in numerous colors and sometimes adjustable; if done right, the lighting can be incorporated into any interior office design.

This especially comes in handy if you need to achieve uniqueness or have what can be referred to as supplemental lighting in office hallways, receptions, and in the offices.

3. Track lighting

Gone are the days when offices used to be either purely closed plan or open plan. Depending on the setup, the lighting demanded that you settle on a specific type of lighting. Today, office designs have evolved to assume all manner of models, and so are the types of lighting.

This type of lighting consists of a bar and several lights fixed on them. Lights are suspended and can be adjusted down or upwards, depending on the ceiling height from the working stations.

4. Recessed lighting

If yours is ample space, and you need to light it up adequately and uniformly, this type of lighting is your best bet. And it is possible to do this type of it without necessarily making a significant design statement. The main feature of this type of lighting is the fixtures are built into the ceiling; they don't hang out of it. This type of lighting is excellent if you want to appear modern without throwing simplicity out of the window.

5. Pendant lamps

Pendant lights/lamps are one of the simplestways of attaining the much-needed office elegance. They are suspended directly from the ceilings, and they focus light on specifically intended areas such as conference tables or desks. Again, technology makes it possible for this type of lighting to come in different shapes and colors.

However, it is vital to note that these features depend on other crucial aspects of the office, such as the interior color, shape of the desks/tables, and office aesthetics.

6. Wall sconces

Just like the recessed types of lights, wall sconces are fitted into the walls to provide either supplementary or direct lighting. Working with a designer helps you settle on the right kind of shape, size, or color. This depends on the office color, other types of lighting, furniture, and among others, the size of the office.

One of the main benefits of this type of lighting is that it can either bring out a modern or vintage look or combine both without appearing awkward.

7. Task lighting

If you need lighting on specific working space, task lights are your best bet. They are most suitable where there are wall-mounted cabinets directly above working desks.


Should you decide to contact fit out companies in Dubai, the mentioned above types of lighting are some of the most common today. Looking at each will help you choose the right one depending on your staff, office type, space, and purpose.


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