Hackers — who are of evil and criminal mind — will penetrate into your computer or PC without your knowledge to see and access your valuable and most precious data which in turn they will use to put you in a messy situation.

So the question now is what will you do to secure your computer against cybercriminals? Though this is rhetoric, but instead of doing nothing and waiting to get hacked, why don’t you protect yourself and fight back in advance?

Without much ado, the following points to be highlighted are proven and incredible ways to protect your computer from hackers.

Always update your Operating System and other important software often, if they can’t be updated automatically on their own. An outdated OS can easily be exploited by malware and as such, enhance hackers to access your computer programs. So for your PC extra protection, enable your system programs updates to wade off malware interest in it.

Download and install up-to-date security programs, plus anti-malware software that has numerous programs for protecting PC against ransomware, spyware, firewall and any other kind of frivolous exploits.

Confiscate any sign of your personal information on the PC hardware you are planning to sell. Try using d-ban to delete and erase all of your hard drive.

Nothing good they often said come no easy. Thus, avoid using a open Wi-Fi on your system router; it neatly give way for hackers and threat actors to easily steal your internet connection to enable them download illegal files. So, make sure your computer Wi-Fi is protected with a well encrypted password.

Also, a very strong password protects a desktop, laptop, mobile phone, camera, lawnmower, smartwatch, etc. Therefore, use difficult to crack password to secure all your datum and information. Use different creative answers for all your security questions. People can figure out who and what is your mother’s maiden or first name, the college you graduated from, etc. with just some few search on Google.

Be smart and always at alert whenever a website ask you to log/sign in before you access their forum, feature or make a simple comment, make sure that you observe the login option and there’s nothing fishy.

Keep all your sensitive and vital data off the cloud. This is so because there are few storage solutions on cloud that has encrypting service for ‘data at rest.’Hence, make sure you use the cloud storage solution accordingly and if the data is super important, please don’t.

Bottom lines.
Beware of alarmist webpages notifying you that there are some “critical errors” that needs attention on your PC. All these are blatant lies. Microsoft has no business with you on how and what you do with your computer, they will never message you to get rid of threats.

So therefore, messages of such nature come from dishonest people and scammers. Thus, allowing them to connect to your PC remotely, may provide them the opportunity to hack you in the process thereby stealing your data, information and even money.

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