7 Features That Tell A Great Basement Waterproofing Company

Your home is a great asset that needs maintenance and repair to keep it in good condition. Philadelphia homeowners facing with faulty basements need professional waterproofing. However, this doesn’t mean working with any contractor. Protecting your home requires working with a reputable basement waterproofing contractor to handle necessary repairs. This article highlights some features to help you tell a great contractor.

When to call a basement waterproof contractor

It is very important to understand when to call a contractor to waterproof your basement. The presence of water is the most obvious sign with a host of other subtle signs you can’t ignore. Here are signs to tell you that you have to call a waterproof specialist.

  • Water pools
  • Damp and humid air
  • Spots or cracks on walls
  • Respiratory problems
  • Visible mold,mildew, or fungus

Features that tell the best waterproof contractor

Specialty service

Not any building contractor can handle basement waterproofing. The rule of thumb is to work with a company offering specialty basement services. A contractor offering socialized waterproofing services has the appropriate equipment, requisite knowledge, and technical expertise. Working with a qualified contractor makes work easier and encourages better results.


The ideal contractor to handle your waterproofing needs certification by industry-recognized bodies. Enlist the services of a PA basement waterproofing contractor with membership to bodies including the Basement Health Association. The contractor is proud enough to display these certifications and memberships on their website to boost their credibility.

Insurance, bonding, and license

These are important aspects when verifying basement waterproofing contractors. The ideal contractor should have the appropriate local building permit. This avoids getting into problems with local authorities in the middle of your project. Having the necessary permits avoids frustration and project delays. Equally important is for the contractor to be insured and bonded to cover costs that might happen in the course of the project. This gives you peace of mind that you won’t incur heavy costs resulting from contractor mistakes.


Handling waterproofing of the basement requires the use of appropriate equipment. So, hiring a company that can handle the project well is very important. Possession of the appropriate equipment is the best way to be sure that the contractor is going to accomplish your project. A contractor with some temporary staff and basic equipment won’t do the job to meet your expectations. Appropriate workforce and equipment are essential to ensure that your basement waterproofing job is reliable and high quality.


The number of years in the field is very significant when selecting a contractor to waterproof your basement. A contractor who has spent years in the industry is a better choice. Check the experience of the contractor to ensure that you’ll be happy with their results. Novice contractors usually charge lower prices to win clients. However, the investment in an experienced contractor will pay off in the long run. Additionally, contractors with a lot of experience usually offer a service warranty to show that they are sure of their services.

Reviews and testimonials

One of the best ways to check a contractor before putting pen to paper is to read online reviews about them. These are usually from past clients sharing their experiences working with a particular contractor. Luckily, you can easily read these reviews from reputable organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

Equally important is to read testimonials about the contractor. These portray people’s experiences from working with the contractor. Testimonials air out what people though from the services offered and might include areas for improvement and good points. Happy customers don’t hesitate to recommend basement waterproof contractors who do a great job. You can rely on reviews and testimonials to make an informed decision while restoring your basement.

Free evaluation and inspection

Finally, reputable contractors undertake evaluation and site inspection before the project. And, this service is usually free. Apart from saving you money, site evaluation and inspection allows for understanding the project requirements. This allows sending the right technician with skills, expertise, and equipment. Site inspection gives the contractor an idea of the project requirements for effective project planning.

Problems of ignoring to waterproof your basement

Many insurance companies don’t cover water or flood damage in the basement. The most significant concern against a flooded basement is damage to your possessions. The presence of moisture in the basement encourages cracks in the foundation lead to compromising the structural integrity of your property. Additionally, a flooded basement causes rotting of wood supports and beams. Moisture in the basement also causes significant damage and premature HVAC system failure.

Bottom line

Waterproofing your basement is part of home maintenance. A flooded basement compromises the structural integrity of your property, damages possessions, and is a health hazard. The rule of thumb is to enlist the services of a professional basement waterproof contractor. The ideal contractor to fix your basement should have insurance cover, experience, and certification from recognized industry bodies.


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