7 Benefits of Working as an Agency Nurse? 


What are the 7 Benefits of Working as an Agency Nurse? 


Once you have trained as a nurse, then comes the choices of which nursing path to take. Nevertheless, the majority of permanent nurses in the UK describe their roles as unfulfilled. This may be because of a stagnant career that appears to be stuck around the same thing, not having the flexibility to choose work hours and shifts, or not getting the chance to explore a nursing path they have wanted.


Working as a permanent nurse has many benefits, but the disadvantages are also high. If you want financial stability, work flexibility, and 100% job satisfaction, then you should go for agency nursing. There are a lot of benefits to becoming an agency nurse. 


In this post, we will discuss the top benefits of working as an agency nurse. 


  1. Agency nursing jobs are much better paid than your regular nursing jobs. If you work with the best nursing recruitment agency in the UK, they can help you fetch nursing jobs with hourly rates 60% higher than permanent jobs. In fact, the pay can simply double based on your experience. And if you work the night shifts, you can expect the pay to be higher. The best part is that agency nursing jobs follow the NHS band of pay. So, you will get the usual salary even if you are least experienced. 


2.The primary reason to work as an agency nurse is that you get to pick and choose when to work. You are not bound to the 7-week rotation policy that usually involves some weekends and nights. With agency nursing, you work as you like. If you prefer working the day shift, you can do that, and if you prefer night shifts, your options are always open. This comes in handy when you have a family or when you are pursuing higher studies. Agency nurses with family tend to work the day shift so that they can be with their loved ones for dinner. On the other hand, those who are completing their studies or are pursuing higher studies opt for night shifts because of their college. All in all, it provides great flexibility to the nurses. 


3.The best thing about working as an agency nurse is that you get to travel the whole country. If you are a nurse and love to travel, then agency nursing is for you. Established and renowned nursing agencies in the UK have tie-ups with all the healthcare providers and facilities in the country. So, if you don’t like to end up being at the same place for years, you can choose to take up a nursing job in another part of the country.


4.You can leave all the stress behind when working as an agency nurse. There is no office politics, and you don’t have to fill in for the nurses who don’t show up at work. The best thing about being an agency nurse is that there is no competition between colleagues because there are no colleagues. You don’t have to please anybody at work. Just do your job and get going because, tomorrow, you will be at a new place, and probably at a different role. 


5.You will be spending your time with actual nurse work. There will be no pressure from the department to handle complaints, or no one will tell you to email the CCG to that particular doctor. You will be focused on getting the work done, clock out and go home. Since you are not part of the organisation where you will be providing your services, they will hire you only for your services. This is the biggest benefit of being an agency nurse. 


6.Agency nursing and variety go hand in hand. You can rest assured that you won’t be spending your years as a nurse working the same job (unless it is what you want). Agency nursing provides you with great opportunities to scale your career. There will be a variety in work you do. For example, if today you worked in the ER, tomorrow you may end up handing the prenatal ward. There is so much variety in the work you do. This only helps your nursing career to grow. 


7.Finally, after years of agency work, if you decide to go permanent somewhere, you will have many things to include in your resume. Working as an agency nurse means that you have travelled a lot, worked night shifts, have experience working in different settings and environments, probably have worked with a variety of different professionals in the medical field, and more. If you look back at your agency nursing career, you will find that each day you got to learn something new. 


If you want to work as an agency nurse, it is important that you choose an established nursing agency that meets your needs. 


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