7 appealing Valentines’ Day alternative to fresh red roses

A flower has the influence to express your feelings in its own words. On this particular day of love, people convey their emotion of adoring, concern, and fondness by giving flowers. You must be thinking that roses are at the top of the list for lovebirds! Roses have a celestial aroma and are related to romance, fascination, and elegance. But the rose isn’t the only option! There are a lot of alternatives that would suit your sweetheart! We are here to help you to choose the perfect flower for your Valentine. Here are 7 appealing alternatives to fresh red roses!

 Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid

Impress your girl in the most bizarre way. Surprising her with the picture perfect creation! Gift her sole personalize bright pink, double-stemmed Phalaenopsis Orchid foliage. Orchids make the impeccable addition to other unpredictable Valentine’s Day gifts. The specialty is that this flower lasts for three long months at any time of the year! Get this vibrant Pink Phalaenopsis Orchid on Valentine’s Day those are necessitated somewhat distinct from most potted plants.


The charming bouquet of fragrant Lilies will take your beloved’s breath away! This bouquet will cheer up your girl’s day. She will chuckle with delight after receiving these blossoms along with long stems. You can get Valentine’s Day flower delivery which is a bit personalized with long lasting lilies. With those cheerful lilies add some waxflower, alstroemeria, and red roses to make a thoughtful and creative gift. Your fashionista girlfriend will not forget it soon.

 Romantic red Tulips

Tulips are the second most admired yet trendy Valentines’ Day flower after roses! Brighten up your beloved’s day with extensively recognized red tulips on this Valentines’ Day! These blooms are supple and amiable. Brightly colored tulips are one of the most traditional yet stylish blossoms. Choose the perfect personalized bouquet of tulip foliages with long stems. For a more mawkish touch, send tulips of all the same color, like royal purple, bright crimson, or classic white.

 Double the love bamboo

Is your adored into a furnishing contemporary and artistic act? Then Think something out of the box this Valentines’ day. Reform her contemplation by astonishing her with love bamboo. This is an ideal emotion for someone who loves creative gifts! Surprise your dearest with this exclusive double heart-shaped bamboo foliage in an attractive wood box. It does not die easily or get slimy in their vase. It makes cute embellishment all year around. They are easy to maintain and don’t like to be watered every time. They just get adorned in pots or glass globes.



Be a bit daring on this Valentines’ Day! You will find Anthurium flowers in red mostly and look weird like shiny plastic! But what flower could be more significant than a heart-shaped flower? These are long-lasting bizarre tropical bloom. Contrast it with their dark green, shiny foliage. There is no rebuffing the similitude between the flowers and romantic hearts! When it comes to sending gifts to your lady love, why not something which is a bit unique? This year, these heart-shaped flowers will express hospitality, affection, care, and filled with love!


Delicate carnations are the most popular blooms in the world. This has been considered as an enduring sign of love and affection. A bouquet of vivacious Carnations is less in cost, but not in exquisiteness! Be careful while giving yellow carnations as it specifies rejection and disappointment! For a lasting Valentine’s Day look, choose to go with the variations of red, pink and white carnations.

 Roses (that aren’t red)

Don’t go for red always. There exist 100 more species of graceful and dazzling shades of roses. Take a brave decision by opting the most romantic flowers apart from red! Choose to send your love the white ones if you are the ultimate traditionalist. Else surprise your sweetheart with a mixed bunch of white, pink, and orange roses. Each shade has its own significances. It will show the much-loved that you took time out of the day to think about her!


There are in fact plenty of preferences of blooms those implies love. But you should cherry-pick the right flower for your beloved according to her/ his eccentricity. Choose from these 7 spectacular blooms to express love to your Valentine in a special way.

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