6 Reasons You Should be Looking for Roof Cleaning in London

You may have noticed that your roof is no longer the same color it was when it was new or since the last clean. All the same, you have been putting off looking for roof cleaning in London because you think it doesn’t yet look too bad or maybe you are worried about the cost. Whatever the reason you may have for putting off the task. The following reasons should make you act faster.

A Clean Roof is Healthy

If you care about your health and all those who live under your roof, then you must start looking for roof cleaning in London. Roofs are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, algae, and fungus. The combination of sunshine, rainwater, and lack of ventilation can turn a collection of dirt into that dark growth you may have noticed on the roof. According to experts, that growth is called Blue-Green Algae and it can produce potent toxins. The UK center for Ecology and Hydrology warns that it has been known to cause the death of animals like dogs, horses, and birds. It might have a sickening effect on humans as well.

You should have experts climb up there and clean the roof before it builds up to toxic levels.

Your Roof Will Last Longer

Unless you have no problem dealing with costly repairs, you must keep your roof clean. Bacteria that make a home on your roof can begin to degrade the asphalt shingles on the roof by eating away the limestone. Sometimes, plants may start to grow on the roof because of the collection of dirt and seeds deposited by birds. These plants will grow roots that will undermine the roof causing the roof to start leaking. By spending just a bit of money on cleaning the roof, you can avoid having to spend on roof repair and replacement.

Professionally Cleaned Roofs Look Beautiful

After years of exposure to different elements, your roof loses that bright beautiful look that it had when it was new. A professional cleaning company can remedy that with a good cleaning job. You can have your roof looking as good as new if you let trained cleaners remove all the dirt, algae, and stains that may have covered the beauty of the roof. A beautiful roof also has another advantage as explained below.

The Value of the House Appreciates

Put yourself in the shoes of someone looking for a house to buy, if you see a roof with algae growing or one that has lost its gleam, would you be moved to pay more for it than you would for one that has a new roof? Most likely not, a dirty roof is going to give the impression that the house is old and probably needs a lot of fixing, it also raises health concerns. If you are hoping to resale your house, roof cleaning services would be one of the items on your checklist as you prepare it for viewing.

A Clean Roof is Safer

If you have an antenna on your roof, you might need to climb onto the roof to adjust it. This can be a risky endeavor in general, but the risk may be increased if the roof is dirty. You are more likely to slip and fall off a dirty roof because it is slippery than a clean one. If you have any reason to climb onto the roof, it is a good idea to keep the roof clean. You will even find it easier to see how safe it is to step on particular areas if the roof is not covered in leaves.

Your Roof Doesn’t Need Replacement

Many homeowners look at the change in color of the roof and imagine it is time to change the roof. You probably tried to clean it yourself but it just did not look as good as you hoped. Well, you do not need to look for an expensive quote for roof replacement, you just need to look for roof cleaning. The change in color of the roof is usually algae that are trying to protect from the sun. if you can get the algae cleaned off, you will have the roof looking much brighter. A mistake many homeowners make however is to use a pressure washer which will cause damage to the roof. You need professionals for this job.

Final Tip

When you are looking for roof cleaning services, ensure you find a provider who knows what they are doing. Find out if they have done something similar near you and go ahead and look at the results. It is a good idea to choose experienced roof cleaners who also have the right equipment to carry out the job. Ask as many questions as you need to be convinced they are the right people for the job.

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