5 Women’s Day Flowers and Gift Ideas

Women’s day is upon us again. It’s time to find the perfect gift to celebrate that special lady in your life. Everyone has a woman they appreciate in their lives. It could be a mother, sister, girlfriend, or wife. However, finding a fight can be difficult when you have no idea where to start.

Gifts come in all manner of forms, but how do you find the right one? International women’s day commemorates the struggles and achievements of women. There is no standard way to show solidarity. Regardless, you can express it with thoughtful gifts. Here are some ideas to get you by.



Tulips are a favorite with women as they come in different colors and have a beautiful aroma. The tulips’ beauty is that you can mix them with other flowers for a bouquet or flower basket. 


Yes, it is cliché. It is still giving a twist by picking a less common color such as pink, peach, or orange, unlike the usual red. That’s not to say red is not for women’s day. With red signifying passion and love, your spouse might be the best recipient.


Freesia are multi-colored, elegant flowers with a faint fragrance. Perfect flower gift for your mother, sister, or close female friend since the dominant colors are purple and yellow. They represent trust, platonic love, and innocence in most cultures. It is one of the perfect floral gifts for International Women’s Day.


Carnations are symbolic of women’s day as they represent the affection and care of a woman. The variety of colors make it easy to send to a woman depending on their significance in your life. For example, dark red carnations are an image of deep love and desire. This makes it a perfect gift for a better half. Pink carnations speak of motherly love, while white symbolizes genuine love and innocence.


Lilacs are a gem and can be hard to find at certain times of the year. The main color of the lilac flower is purple. However, there are other colors associated with this flower. The lilac is a symbol of healthy relationships and innocence. You can choose a deep red hue that represents desire; white lilac signifies virtue and child-like innocence, and blue is for calmness. Any of these colors can be a perfect flower gift for whoever you are celebrating this women’s day.


Home Appliances 

Deciding on a perfect gift can be as easy as looking around the house and noticing. Home appliances are as important to any woman. Especially kitchen appliances. A new fridge, a microwave, or even a state-of-the-art coffee maker. The possibilities are endless. You can even go as far as having it fitted in the house if it’s a large appliance. However, don’t assume the lady would prefer kitchen appliances only. A new plasma television would also be appreciated. After all, it is the age of equity.


Most, if not all, women love jewelry. From diamonds and pearls to generic pieces, women adore nicely crafted jewelry. With international women’s day approaching, it’s not that hard to find something for your mother, sister, or spouse. Since we are celebrating womanhood and femininity, look for a piece that expresses the same. Elegance, grace, and strength are the keys to perfect jewelry.


Functionality is not overrated. Handbags are a must for women everywhere around the world. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. Though brand names are appreciated, a good fictional back is better. Find her a bag that fits her personality. The good thing is that there is no one size fits all mentality. Know the person you are buying it for. If you have doubts, give her the option of choosing.


Fragrances are a girl’s best friend. Most times. It is part of what defines a woman while adding a touch of femininity. It speaks of her mood sometimes: sensuality, calmness, confidence, etc., Buy her something new or invest in one of her favorite fragrances.

Gift Card

Sometimes finding a gift may tire you out, or you might not have the slightest idea what to buy. Do not give up just yet. A gift card can make the perfect gift for anyone who loves to shop. Some online shopping platforms offer gift cards. It doesn’t have to be a shopping gift card. Some may prefer a spa gift card or travel gift card. The list is endless.


Relish the women in your life with any of the above gifts. Be it flowers or some intricate gift, the thought that goes into it will not go unnoticed. Accompanied with words of appreciation and acknowledgment, any gift will be worth it this women’s day.

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