5 Ways to Grow your Smoke Shop


5 Ways to Grow your Smoke Shop

If you own a smoke shop, you would agree that the struggle to promote the shop is real. There are thousands of competitors out there who are selling the same stuff as you are. So, how do you differentiate yourself from the others? The competition has grown a lot in the past few years, and it is hard to keep up with the sales. You may have spent a lot in the making of your shop and other investments, you must make efforts to market your brand out there. You must display your shop in a unique way possible and be as loud as others. You need not go overboard with the advertising but first, figure out your audience, then try to reach out to them. You need to give your customers something different that they would not find it in other shops. Maybe give them an experience along with their smoke shopping. 


  1. Get Noticed

The best smoke shops in town are not shy about displaying bright signboards in order to draw the people’s attention. They are completely out there with neon colored signs and paintings of vapes, CBD and other available products. If your signboard is small and you think drawing too much attention is not good for your business, you may be wrong. When a potential customer walks through the signboard or a bright display, they may notice it immediately and would end up visiting your shop. If your shop is in a multi-story building, the chances are that people won’t notice it very often. Therefore, if you want to be out there and want more footfalls into your shop, paint a good signboard with bright colors and display some possible items from your shop. Also, display your contact number in case a customer wants to get in touch later. If customers are looking for Juul in Miami Beach, you must be able to attract them. 

5 Ways to Grow your Smoke Shop

  1. Make it Easy to Shop

When a customer enters your shop, make his shopping experience and success so that he returns soon. Place the products in such a way that they are visible and not hidden. If a person is visiting a smoke shop for the first time, he may be nervous and won’t know much about the products. Make sure you help him buy the best product, and he leaves satisfied. You could also choose a theme for your shop so that it stays in your customer’s mind and he is able to differentiate your shop from the rest. You could choose a 70’s theme or put on some psychedelic music to get more attention.


  1. Grow your Customer Database

If you have already made a customer database, you must not take it for granted. Get hold of their email ids and shoot out mails offering those discounts and offers. Send newsletters, emailers and messages but don’t overdo it as it could get annoying. You must plan a strategy to reach out to them without annoying them. Also, don’t expect results overnight, but if you manage to plan a smart strategy, you will manage to build a rapport with your customer. When you offer them discounts, they will be drawn to your shop and may even continue buying smoke supplies in the future as well.

  1. Promote on Social Media

Today, almost all businesses are on social media and are promoting heavily on all the platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, brands have got their advertising and marketing strategies in place. You must also promote your brand by getting a social media marketing expert on board. You must make cool graphics to promote your page, spend a little on media and reach out to your potential customers when your customers see that you are promoting on social media, the credibility of your brand increases. You will get more queries on social media, and your brand awareness will also increase. You must only hire an expert to do the promotions as they would know how to do it better. You could be tempted to make the designs on your own and promote the brand on your own, but if an expert guides you through the process, you will get better results. Nowadays, since everybody is promoting their business on social media, it has become very important to stand out from the rest of the crowd and be different. You must also study what your competitors are doing and plan something different. Without a competition scan, you will be lost with your strategy and become like one of the competitors. Promote how your employees will give a good experience to the customers when they enter the smoke shop and what is the unique quality of your brand. When you sell an experience to your customers, they would be drawn to your shop. Also, try to host events and promote them on social media.


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