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5 secrets to create a successful cloud computing business

5 secrets to create a successful cloud computing business

5 secrets to create a successful cloud computing business


As online business and technology have constantly evolved, most entrepreneurs use cloud computing technology, which helps increase productivity to great extent. Interestingly, most people are using it without even realizing anything about it. Did you know major social media applications like Facebook, Instagram are the part of cloud computing technology.

Being an incredible technology, it saves time and effort of many businesses. Do you want to start any business using this technology? If yes, do you have any business plan? If you have an idea about creating a business using cloud computing but don’t know where to start or how to master, we are here to help you out. Cloud computing technology can be used in multiple ways. However, you should be aware of the type of business to evolve with this technic. Let’s discuss the type of cloud computing service and steps to achieve your business goal.



  • Understand the business’s needs first
    5 secrets to create a successful cloud computing business


Are you interested in running your own business Infrastructure? It lets you provide storage & resources to your customer. It enables you to create a partnership with tech giant such as Google, Amazin AWS, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft etc. some of the major cloud computing services are development, migration, deployment etc.  Would you be interested in creating SAS? If so, you can build SAS and provide an incredible business operation to the consumer.

Do you want to start a firm that provides Consulting service? There is a lot of cloud consulting service out there, which provides basic enterprise cloud services such as cloud Adoption, Cloud Migration, Cloud strategy, training etc. Do you want to build a business firm that provides software solution & Tool including cloud Migration tool, DevOps, Cloud Management tool etc? Building such a business firm really makes sense.  Which one above are you passionate about? Spend quality time to think, analyze and organize your business plan in a smart way.



  • Ensure that the Business is safe and  Secure


In spite of the fact that the business world is moving forward with Cloud computing, many business executives and entrepreneurs are still hesitated to move forward. Yes, it is just because of the security concerns. Obviously, no one wants their data to get hacked. Do you know where the data center is located? In order to take precautions, you need to know the location of the data center. An experienced CSP team is required to prevent the security breach. A good cloud security solution provides advanced security features that help prevent data loss, threats, data breach, etc.


  • Cross-platform functionality is a must


When you switch to the cloud, there is absolutely no need for purchasing expensive hardware, software tools, etc.  No matter how many employees are working and what plans you are implementing in your firm, the cloud can be customized and organized in the way you like.  Ensure that the business firm & employees access the data across all platforms.

When it comes to creating a business that uses the cloud computing service, it should have cross-platform functionality. If your firm supports this functionality, chances are that your employees are supposed to be more responsive and productive. When an application doesn’t run on mobile, it would affect the business efforts.



  • Make business at anytime, anywhere


One of the most interesting things is that the cloud is not just mean for document backups. It lets you access your complete desktop that shared contacts, email, Drive, Microsoft Office Suite and such applications through the cloud.  Hence, you can just log into your desktop and access things from home, work or wherever.

Cloud is not a form of cartoon shape or something. It is the network that primarily used to process and store data.  You might have used the technology without aware of it. Drop-box & Drive let you store data safely. Even if something happens to the desktop, tablet or smartphone, cloud service will let you access the data in every single way.



  • choose the best CSP


Which computing solution is best for you? Saas, Paas, and Iaas provide software applications & equipment whereas hybrid, on- promise and hosting are deployment model. Based on the software background, you may choose a CSP. For instance, if you are specialized in Java, chances are that you may choose AWS. Or, if you are a .NET guy, you are more likely to enjoy Microsoft.  Ok, these steps are essential when it comes to building a start-up.

As soon as you build your firm, you should have an idea to make it successful. Yes, everyone does. But, how will you make things better to stand out in this competitive arena? Interestingly, some consulting service offers manual cloud computing whereas some offers automated cloud computing tool. So, which one would impress your clients and how can you make cloud computing effectively? Let us know in the comments.  




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