5 Fun & Free Tools That Organize Your Life

Free Tools That Organize Your Life-

21 Organization may be a word that sends shudders down your spine. If you’re like the most of us, you don’t find joy in paying your bills, making lists and following through, and sacrificing hours of your life conducting the tedious tasks that you know you must get done. Unfortunately, one of the inescapable annoyances of adulthood is that at some point, there are some things that you just have to buckle down and take care of. Here are 5 free tools that will help you get organized while (dare I say it) having fun!

Mint: Money management has traditionally never been fun. But then Mint came along, and now I find myself glancing at the app almost daily. The pretty, colorful, and organized pi charts let you know how your financial planning is going. Your credit cards and investments can, for the most part, be integrated into your Mint dashboard so you can see how you’re performing across the board. You can give yourself budgets and adjust your savings goals. Mint can even give you insights about your coffee addiction, over-reliance on rideshare apps, and how much your vacation fund is growing.

Free Tools That Organize Your Life

JotForm: Although online forms is not typically a hot subject around the dinner table, it’s very important in a professional’s life. If you or your company has a website, you probably need several online forms. Contact forms, payment forms, lead collection forms, registration forms…they can all be created, distributed, and organized through JotForm’s simple and easy to use dashboard. After spending a couple of minutes getting down to business, you can use the form designer tool to create fun backgrounds, color schemes, and custom designs — by just pointing and clicking. Who knew that online forms could be so fun?

Todoist: Make a list and carry it around with you without even having to think about it! Todoist is a list and task-managing app that sends you reminders and lets you stay on top of all the things that are going on. Sometimes non-urgent errands come around, and you never deal with it because there is no hard deadline. Sometime in the next few months you should schedule a doctor’s appointment. You should finally organize your closet one of these evenings. At some point in the coming weeks you should set aside an afternoon or two to finish that project that you’ve been working on. These are the things that usually slip by you, but not any more once you have Todoist keeping you accountable!

Venmo: Splitting bills and dealing with shared financial obligations can quickly fall into disorganization. Dealing with rent, utilities, phone bills, and split dinners among friends can get confusing and fall into disorder. Easily charge your friends for what they owe, and pay back your responsibilities with a click of a button, and with funny emoji’s and inside jokes to boot. Venmo offers a social component — a newsfeed of the payments of your friends. Suddenly forking over cash doesn’t seem so bad when you can do it with 3 painless seconds and a string of emoji’s.

Wunderlist: Keep your social calendar full and happy, and keep your social life organized with Wunderlist. This checklist app allows you to collaborate with your friends, family, and significant others so you can keep a running bucket list of restaurants, concerts, and adventures that you plan on doing together. Have a free Saturday and don’t know what to do? Just refer to your app and check out something that you’ve been meaning to go to. Check it off when you’ve done it, and add new fun activities to your list at a friend’s recommendation or if you’ve heard about it somewhere. Wunderlist is essentially an idea list in your pocket.

Hope you enjoy these fun and helpful apps! Do you have an app that you love and helps you stay organized? Post it in the comments!

Author bio: Leeyen Rogers is the VP of Marketing at JotForm, a popular online form-building tool based in San Francisco. Its simple drag-and-drop interface along with conveniently sortable submission data allows you to create forms and analyze their data without writing a single line of code. JotForm is the solution for online payments, contact forms, lead collection, surveys, registrations, applications, online booking, event registrations, and more.

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