5 Best Summarizing Tools You Can Use to Write Better Content Summary

5 Best Summarizing Tools You Can Use to Write Better Content Summary

Do you hate to read long content?

Every one of us does. While reading the article or a blog, the reader's primary concern is instantly getting the main answer.

He will skim the content and try to figure out the main ideas from it. But what if the article is too long to read?

The reader will get bored of it and leave the site. Therefore, to keep your reader engaged, it is necessary to provide him with crucial points of your blog.

Generating a summary of the content is the best way to keep your reader involved in reading the entire content.

How are Summarizing Tools Helpful?

Online summarizers are AI-based tools that read essays or article, and create a short synopsis for them.

These are fast and accurate tools that can save a user's time and effort and help him improve his work efficiency.

These tools don't lose the central content concept and provide a perfect summary to make the article more understandable.

Best Summarizing Tools

When we search for an online summarizer on the internet, it will give us a long list of summarizing tools.

It may confuse a new user as he may not have any idea about the best summarizer. 

To help such people, we will provide you with a list of the best summarizers that can make the user's task easy.

  • Summarizingtool.net
  • Summarizer.org
  • Textsummarization.net
  • Utilities-online.info
  • Getdigest.com

These are best summarizers in terms of getting key points from long articles and make them more understanding.

Here we will discuss every tool in detail with their features.


Among the best summarizing tools, this one is best due to the features that make it amazing to use.

Let's discuss the best points of this tool that make it reliable and easy to use.

AI summarizer

This online summarizer uses an AI-based technology that helps to make the content better and well-organized.

It doesn't lose the content's main idea, thus keeping the summary ordered according to the article.

  • Fast working

The algorithm used in this summarizer makes it fast and helps to generate the results instantly.

It will make the users' workflow faster and increase their work efficiency.

  • Support multiple files

This tool supports multiple file formats like docx, doc, pdf, and txt. Users can upload any file here.

The scanner in this summarizing tool will scan the whole text from these files and generate a summary.


  • Free to use

This tool is free to use. You can avail of all its features without any cost. 

This tool doesn't demand any sign up or registration before using it. It is entirely free with all of its premium features.

2. Summarizer.org

When we make the list of best summarizing tools, this online summarizer always keeps its place at the top.

This tool is also full of features that can force users to keep it in mind while summarizing their content.

Here we will talk about the best features of this summarizer.

  • Make bullet points

A summary presented in bullets is likely more understandable and readable. In addition, it helps to grab the attention of a user quite quickly.

This online summarizer provides this feature to its users to generate the summary in bullets.

It can help attract more readers who will read the summary of the article and understand its theme easily.


  • Keep the content original

Some people doubt about losing the main idea of content while generating a summary from any online tool.

But this summarizer ensures its users keep the summary of content meaningful and related to the content.

  • Secure to use

This summarizing tool is very safe to use. It doesn't compromise in terms of safety.

Your data will not be stored or used in any way by this website.

  • Multiple languages

While using this summary generator, you can enter content in multiple languages.

This summarizer supports various languages that make it easy for the user to get the summary languages other than English.


Prepostseo offers a free summarizer tool that is very easy to use with a simple interface.

Anyone can use this summary generator quite easily. First, let's talk about the features of this tool.

  • Basic understanding

This summarizer provides basic concepts to its user that can make it more understandable for a reader.

A person can easily get the main point of view of the author what he is trying to deliver.

  • Show the best lines

The best summary is the one in which the best lines are appropriately described. It makes it easy for the reader to recognize the content.

This summarizer takes out the best lines from the article to explain its central theme.


  • Summarize the URLs

If a user is willing to generate a summary of any online content, he can simply upload the URL of that article.

This summarizing tool will directly access that database and make the best summary for the user instantly.



Here are the best features of this summarizing tool.

  • Show bullet points

Bullet points are the best thing to clear the concepts of a reader. Therefore, this summarizer provides a feature to the users that they can make the bullets of the summary.

It helps to make the concepts clearer for the reader and understand them more easily.

  • Set summary length

Before generating a summary, it set the length for it. Normally, the length set by a good summarizer is one-third of the entire content.

So, the whole text is described in one-third part that saves time for a user.

  • Upload files directly

It is very irritating to copy the content from any other tool and then paste it into summarizing box.

To create ease for a person, this summarizer provides an option to upload the files directly.

This AI-based summary generator will access the file location directly and extract data from there.

  • Download the files

After getting a summary of an article, users can download the files directly in multiple formats.


This summarizing tool is also full of features, and a user can make his content fully optimized.

It creates a summary of the best lines used in the article or blog that explain the main idea of the whole context.

Let's talk about the features of this tool that keep it among the top tools.

  • Provide keywords


The best thing about this summarizing tool is that it provides the main keyword of the content.

It helps a reader to understand the main idea about the blog easily.

  • Support multiple formats

A user can upload his document or file for summarization in multiple formats as this tool supports more than one format.

It supports txt, pdf, and docx format to summarize the data.

  • Set summary length

A user can set the length of the summary accordingly. He can increase or decrease it according to his requirements.

  • To the point

While generating a summary of a blog or article, this tool sets the lines according to the content.

It doesn't add any unnecessary lines that damage the readability of the content.

Final words

Generating the summary of any article through a summarizing tool can be quite easy and conventional.

 A person can increase his workflow and can engage the audience more quickly by using a summarizing tool.

Above mentioned tools are best to use as they are full of features and can generate a summary of content efficiently.

These AI-based generators don't lose the main context and keep it original when creating the summary.

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