10 Great Fun iPhone Apps

10 Great Fun iPhone Apps

When you’re a little down and it feels like the world has turned its back on you, it’s time to reach for your iPhone and cheer yourself up. Here are the latest and funniest new Fun iPhone Apps available to feel alive again! The humor ranges from quotes from a few famous TV shows to making your friends look fat in pictures.
1. Pocket Alan
Fun iPhone Apps
There is one and only Alan Partridge. If you have ever been sitting around at a party or gathering with an awkward silence hanging over everybody, a simple “Aha” from this app’s soundboard will definitely get people chuckling. Pocket Alan can help you in many situations when you can’t be bothered to speak. As an example, it can used at the pub with the quote “I’ll have a pint of bitter”, or suppose you’re breaking up with your girlfriend, it can say, “I’m leaving you, you cow!” With a huge choice of classic quotes from the hit TV series “I’m Alan Partridge”, this app will make you and everyone around you immediately laugh at any time of the day, especially so if you happen to have a friend by the name of Dan.

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2. Funny Call
Ever thought about making the ultimate prank call? Want to freak out your friends? Whether it’s just an annoying ex-girlfriend that you want to put back in her place, a harsh prank call while at the local pub, or you’re just feeling a bit mischievous and want to fool your friends, this app will help you trick your gullible friends and unsuspecting victims to think you are someone else. There are lots of crazy voice effects, including creepy, chipmunk echo or alien to startle even the dullest companion and create a great practical joke for whoever you choose to abuse.
3. Fat Booth/Aging Booth/ Bald Booth
Here’s an app that will let you see what you or your friends look like after they’ve piled on a few pounds. How about what you or your friends look like after aging 50 years?How about what you or your friends would look like without a full head of hair? Well now is your chance with this great app.
4. Ginger Booth
If you’re familiar with the popular show Fat Booth, the name pretty much tells you what this is about. This slightly harsh app does exactly what the name entails. Ginger Booth lets you upload a headshot of you or one of your friends, then change their hair color or their facial characteristics to that of a ginger. It is going to offend someone unfortunately, and in this case that someone will be Gingers. This terrifying app may possibly give you a few nightmares, but it will almost certainly cause you to break down and laugh hysterically.
5. Talking Tom Cat
If you’re young at heart, this app is going to be perfect for you. However, for all you normal people out there, this app may sound a bit lame and immature, but after a few brews this FREE app will seem hilarious. Talking Tom Cat repeats anything you say to him, and that means anything. You can sing, shout or even have a long conversation with him. You could possibly even take immaturity to a new level by saying rude words to poor old Tom who has no choice at all but to repeat them right back to you. It’s cruel but funny.
6. Anchorman
It’s one of the most quoted movies in recent years, and now it’s your chance to wow your friends with one of the funniest and most entertaining apps ever.
7. 18,000 Cool Jokes
Picture this scene; you’re on a first date with a beautiful girl who you’ve just met. All of a sudden, the conversation begins to deteriorate and you’re at a loss for words. Why not a great joke? Even if she says, no, you can always tell a joke anyway, and with this app you’ll never be a loss for words again. Just casually grab your iPhone and say,“Oh sorry, just got a text… it’s from work.” Little does she know that you are scrolling through thousands of jokes which soon will be sweeping her off her feet with laughter!
8. TightWire
What’s funnier than watching a fat guy trying to keep his balance on a tightrope while he is hundreds of feet in the air in the center of a major city? This app proves that watching fat people is funny, especially when they’re dressed in jean suspenders and a wacky green t-shirt that doesn’t fit. You’re completely in control of their actions which adds to the humor! This app will keep you belly laughing for hours.
9. Sleep Talk Recorder
Everyone talks in their sleep, some more than others. If you have been told that you are a sleep talker, or perhaps you just want to prove to your other half that they talk in their sleep, it’s your chance to find out just what you or your partner are talking about.
By setting the recorder on your iPhone, Sleep Talk Recorder will monitor any vocal noise that you or your partner makes during the night, ready for you to giggle when you wake up. You can take the sound clip or any previous funny clips and post them on your favorite site, Facebook or Twitter and get a barrel full of laughs. This app not only lets you listen to what’s said during your sleep, it also allows you to listen to thousands of other hilarious sleep talking posts that have been submitted by people all around the world. Vote for your favorites too. You’ll be surprised how funny this app is!
10. Amazing Free Pickup Lines
For all you ladies’ men out there who actually aren’t very good with the ladies, this app is the one for you. This FREE app gives you a large range of lines you can use, from,“Are you lost? Because heaven’s a long way from here” to the desperate “Can you please make my day?” So before you approach that young lady who you are going to grace with your incredible masculine presence, you might be advised to take a sly glance at your iPhone and check out a couple of these iPickupLines to secure an easy opening line. Then you can casually stroll up next to her, lean on the bar and say “So, apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?” finished with a swift wink.
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